Care for newborn boys


Wash your baby in the evening. The best solution to feed the child breastmilk. There are many issues that worry to modern parent - how to wean a baby waking up at night . Problem as a newborn is weaned at night  is extremely serious. Sometimes amother have not enough knowledge and skills as a baby weaned from milk . Occasionally highly serious time to take care of a child. Is your child still can not take leaving of himself and so in need of leaving father and mother.

As to wean from a soothers

If a child suck the soothers and do not want back it to parents, when mom said, try the following:

Invite a baby to gift a pacifier a people child likes, for example to a father and mother.

Do not offer the nipple candy.

Play with your child, give stickers.

Promote a child for refusal of suckgradually but steadily reduced span of time when a child is permitted sucking.

A newborn often mimics other newborn.

Install conditions then child can sucking a pacifier - during a illness then mother must be strong.

Show baby to a other newborn - they not to suck.

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