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Not any correct to feed a child thoracal milk. There are many problems of concern to every parent - how to wean a child from the swing . Thinks as to wean newborn cry  is highly serious. Sometimes aparents do not have enough skills and information how to disaccustom a child from diapers. Occasionally very important time to take maintenance of a baby. Is your newborn still may not take leaving of himself so is needs of leaving parent. Normal doctor knows that a newborn requires part of a carefully leaving. In a first few days following birth of the newborn require doctor maintenance.

How to feed her baby

In porridge, you may add cut into slices melon.

At a first breakfast newborn can propose half of egg yolk.

Quantity of meals may be 130-180 grams.

A more water a baby tea, fresh juice, infusion of apples.

Porridge oatmeal,grits, wheat - this is the best first breakfast for child

A best useful of gruel - buckwheat,rice,semolina. At the right breakfast, the baby is better to offer gruel.

However to disaccustom off suck

If a child suck a pacifier and will not back it to parent, if mum and father said, try the following:

Never give the pacifiers confection. Carefully but steadily reduced time of time when a newborn is allowed to suck a pacifier.

The newborn often mimics other older parent.

Set a conditions then newborn may to suck a soothers - baby is sick then mum and father must be steadfast.

Point out to a older newborn - they do not a pacifiers.

Play with it further, donate stickers.

Ask a newborn to give his pacifier a man newborn likes, for example to a grandparent.

Promote the baby for refusal of sucking

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