Child leaving by month


Thoroughly wash your child in the satisfying. Any doctor understands a newborn needs daily leaving. Particular note should be paid the newborn's diet. How to take care for the newborn - every parent cares. Not any correct to nourish the newborn breastfeeding. There are a lot of thinks that concern to normal mum - how to disaccustom child to suckle . Problem however to wean the newborn from a mother  is extremely influential. Often amum and father do not have enough knowledge and skills wean the newborn from night feeding . Occasionally very serious time to take maintenance of a baby. Is your baby still may not take leaving of himself and so is needs of care mom and father. Special attention needs be given to schedule for and nursing.

As to nourish a child child

Gruel buckwheat,corn, semolina - this is best right breakfast for newborn

A most helpful of gruel - grits,oatmeal,buckwheat.

Amount of porridge may be 130-180 grams.

Add a gruel a cutoff of butter, about 7 g.

A more water a child watter, fresh juice, compote of strawberries.

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