Newborn maintenance after swimming


Any mom awares that newborn needs special maintenance. Careful attention should be paid to newborn health. How to look after for a child - each parent cares. There are a lot of problems of worry to solicitous parent - as to wean a baby from a fit . Problem how to wean a child from a swing  is highly serious. At times theparent lack a knowledge and skills wean a child from night feeding . Occasionally highly influential time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your newborn still may not take maintenance of themselves and so in need of maintenance parent.

What to nourish a baby 3 months

Number of meals can be 130-200 g.

For the morning breakfast baby can propose half of chicken egg.

Add the gruel a a small piece of butter, about 6 g.

Gruel grits,buckwheat, rice - this is best early breakfast for child

The best useful of gruel - millet,semolina,oatmeal.

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