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Careful attention needs be paid to food and feeding. Carefully wash your newborn in a reasonable. In the 1st any days of the birth of a newborn needs especially maintenance. A lot of issues of worry to any father and mum - however to wean the child to write at night . Problem as to disaccustom a baby waking up at night  is extremely important. Occasionally theparent lack the information and skills however to disaccustom a baby from a fit . Sometimes very important time to take maintenance of a newborn. Is your newborn still may not take leaving of themselves and therefore is needs of maintenance mum.

How to feed a newborn newborn

Gruel corn,millet, semolina - this is the best satisfying breakfast for baby

The best useful of porridge - millet,semolina,oatmeal. At the early breakfast, the child is correct to propose porridge.

The more water a baby tea, juice, infusion of plum.

In porridge, you may add cut into slices plum.

Amount of meals may be 100-200 grams.

How to disaccustom from suck

If a baby suck the pacifier and do not want give it to parents, when mother and father try, try the following:

Point out to the older child - they do not suck.

Do not let a pacifier sweet.

Promote your baby for refusal of suckpersistently but slowly shrinking span of time when a newborn is allowed sucking.

Entertain with in addition, give gifts.

Install regulations under which it is possible to suck a pacifier - during the illness and be firm.

The newborn often mimics other older parent.

Invite a baby to gift his pacifier a man newborn knows, such as a father and mom.

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