Newborn maintenance month


How to care for the baby - any mother cares. Careful attention should be given to newborn hygiene. Not anything correct to feed the baby with breast milk. There are many thinks that concern to responsible mom and father - quickly wean newborn from the breast . Thinks how to wean a newborn from the nipples  is very influential. Often amom and father have not enough skills and knowledge as to wean newborn from the breast . Occasionally highly significant time to take care of a child. Is your newborn still can not take leaving of himself and therefore is needs of maintenance mum and father. Careful note needs be paid to diet and nursing. Carefully wash the baby 2 times daily. Following a birth of a newborn require user maintenance other.

However to disaccustom off suck

If a child is sucking a pacifiers and will not return it to parent, if parent said, try a following:

Ask a baby to give a nipple a man he knows, such as a parent.

Install conditions then newborn may to suck a soother - newborn is sick and be strong.

Foster a newborn for refusal of suck

Entertain with in addition, donate small toys.

The newborn often mimics other older parents. Gradually but persistently shrinking time of time when a child is permitted sucking.

Point out to a older child - they not to the pacifier.

Never propose a pacifier candy.

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