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Particular note should be paid to diet and feeding. Immediately of the birth of a child require parent maintenance other. There are many problems which worry to any father and mum - however to wean a baby waking up at night . Thinks as to wean the baby from a mother  is extremely significant. Often aparent have not enough skills and knowledge how to disaccustom newborn to suckle . Sometimes extremely important time to take leaving of a baby. Is your child still may not take care of himself and therefore in need of leaving parent. Carefully wash a baby in a early. How to take care for a child - normal mother worries.

As to disaccustom off sucking

In a event that a child is sucking a nipple and will not return it to father and mother, when father and mother said, try the following:

Show baby to the older child - they not to suck.

Encourage your child for refusing suck

Ask a baby to gift the soother a people he likes, for example to a parent.

Entertain with in addition, donate gifts.

Child always want to be parents and imitate older parents. Steadily reduced period of period when a child is permitted sucking the pacifiers.

Install regulations then newborn may to suck a nipple - before bedtime then parents must be firm.

Never give the soother confection.

What to feed a baby with a mixture of

Quantity of meals may be 110-180 grams.

For right breakfast child may offer half of boiled egg. For the morning breakfast, a child is correct to propose gruel.

Add the porridge a reasonable piece of cow butter, some 7 grams.

Porridge semolina,corn, buckwheat - this is best early breakfast for child

A most helpful of porridge - oatmeal,millet,grits.

In gruel, can be added sliced apples.

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