Maintenance for premature infants


How to care for the baby - each mum cares. Special attention should be paid to child health. A lot of problems which worry to each mum - however to wean a newborn cranky . Thinks how to disaccustom a newborn from thumb  is highly important. Sometimes aparents lack the skills and knowledge how to disaccustom a child whining . Sometimes extremely influential time to take maintenance of a child. Is your newborn still may not take leaving of themselves so is needs of maintenance father and mom. Carefully wash your child in the evening.

How to disaccustom off suck

In the case that the baby is sucking a nipple and will not return it to parents, if mum ask, try the following:

Play with the baby, donate stickers.

Point out to a other baby - that do not a pacifier. Carefully but slowly declining period of time when a child is allowed sucking.

Set a conditions under which it is possible sucking a soothers - baby is sick and be strong.

Do not let the pacifier confection.

Invite a newborn to give a soother a man he likes, such as a mum and father.

The newborn often mimics other older people.

Foster the baby for refusing suck

Care Tips

For a first breakfast newborn may propose 0.5 of egg.

Porridge oatmeal,millet, grits - this is the best first breakfast for newborn

A most helpful of porridge - semolina,wheat,corn.

In gruel, may be added cut into slices plum.

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