Hygiene and leaving of the newborn


How to look after for the newborn - modern mum worries. Thoroughly wash your child 3 times every day. Following the birth of the baby requires particular care. Not anything correct to nourish a newborn with natural milk. A lot of problems that worry to modern parent - however to disaccustom a child to eat at night . Problem disaccustom the baby from breastfeeding is highly serious. At times amother lack the skills and knowledge as to disaccustom a child from diapers. Occasionally extremely significant time to take maintenance of a child. Is your newborn still may not take maintenance of himself and so is needs of leaving parent. Particular note should be given to child hygiene.

As to wean from a soothers

In a event that a newborn suck the pacifier and will not return it to father and mom, when father and mom said, do so:

Never propose the soothers candy.

Promote a baby for refusal of sucking

Newborn often want to be parent and imitate older parent.

Install conditions under which baby can to suck a soother - before dream then parent must be strong.

Play with in addition, give gifts.

Point out to a other baby - that not to a soother. Gradually but steadily declining period of time when a child is allowed sucking.

Ask a newborn to gift the soother a people child likes, for example to a grandparent.

However to stop breastfeed

Amount of meals may be 110-200 g. At satisfying breakfast, the newborn is better to offer gruel.

Add a porridge a a little piece of butter, size 6 g.

For the first breakfast child can propose 1/2 of egg.

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